The Croatia Lacrosse Foundation is a registered tax-deductible organization under the IRS 501 C 3 tax code

Croatia Lacrosse is a 100% volunteer-led and driven organization that currently receives no government funding and no corporate sponsors. Players, coaches and support staff have paid out-of-pocket to support all activities. Donations are essential to the growth of lacrosse in Croatia.

We welcome corporate sponsors to help fund the considerable expenses related to team apparel, equipment and travel for major international events and support training of officials and coaches within Croatia.

Your donation can make a significant and measurable impact on the development of lacrosse in Croatia. Your donation will be used to help with:

Travel & Tournament Expenses – The Croatian National teams compete in International Tournaments at least twice a year, and we want to give these players the best opportunities to compete.

Supporting Youth Lacrosse Program in Croatian Schools – Funds are needed to purchase equipment, goals and rent facilities to grow our youth program.

Training of Croatian coaches and officials – Funds are needed to develop a Croatian government certified coaching and official curriculum at the Sports College of Zagreb and to run coaching and refereeing clinics in Croatia. Having government certified coaches will allow the CLA to introduce lacrosse into the primary and secondary public schools.

Equipment – We need gear, especially sticks, gloves, helmets and balls to get more kids playing in Croatia! If you have gear you can donate, please contact us at

    Check out our Wish List and see how your donations can support the team!

The Croatia Lacrosse Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 charity in the United States, and all donations are US tax deductible. 
Even a small donation will go a VERY long way. Do you think you can help?

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